Here are some typical questions you might have about how to use our website, however don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments or to add any more FAQ’s to this page. You can send a private message to @greent64 or send email to or send us a chat message through the chat widget.


How do I update my profile photo?
Click on Profile page (on top menu) and then click on Change Profile Photo. You will be asked to upload a photo and crop it to smaller size. There is a minimum size for profile photo and if your photo is too small it might not be accepted. Please keep your images above 150px in width and height to ensure they are accepted. Please try to upload nice quality photos to ensure your profile (and our site) looks good (no low quality grainy photos please). Some members photos are displayed on the home page and the better your photo, the better chance of new members joining to talk to you!

You can also upload your Gravatar image however, please be advised that only profile photos showing your face are acceptable.

You cannot remove your profile photo – all members are required to have a profile photo of their face and those without will be removed from the site more sooner than later. We are strict about that so please do not test this theory.

How do I add/update my profile background?
Click on Profile page (on top menu) and click on Change Cover Image. Please ensure the image is at least 1400px wide and 440px tall. Smaller image might not be accepted. Please try to upload nice quality photos to ensure your profile ( and our site ) looks good.

How do I update my basic Profile information?
Click on Profile page (on top menu) and click on Edit to update your profile fields.

How do I add my interests and additional information to my profile
Click on Profile page (on top menu) and select More About Me – to add information such as About Me, Interest and My Ideal Date. There is an Interest search field in the search form so we encourage you to add this to your profile to allow someone to find you based on your interests.

How do I add additional photos to my profile?
Click on Profile page (on top menu) and select Media on the grey icons menu. You can add several images or other media to your profile.

How do I change my email address and/or site password?
Click on Profile Settings (on top menu). Select General if it’s not already select, and you will see fields to update your email and password. If your current email is incorrect, you will not be able to change it yourself as the email change requires confirmation through the old email. Please send a chat message to admin or email from another address at and we will change it for you.

How do I hide my profile from other members?
Click on Profile Settings (on top menu) and select Privacy and choose from options.

How do I cancel membership?
Click on Profile Settings (on top menu) and select Delete Account. Your account will be permanently deleted.


How do I find members in my area or by any other qualities such as gender or age
Click on Members page on (on top menu) and you will see a search form on top of the page. Select all the criteria for your search and click on Search button. You can also just view recently registered members of both genders below the search form.

Where do I see the list of all members?
Click on Members page (on top menu) and then scroll below grid of member faces to click on the link “Click here to view all members”. Alternatively you can go to to see all members and select to view them by Last Active, Newest Registered or Alphabetical. This is a great way to see who’s active on the site and increase your chances of response.

How do I view a member’s profile?
Click on a member’s photo (you can do that from Members page or Activity page or any other page where member photos are visible) and you will be taken to their Profile page. Select Profile icon to view their basic information or click on any icon links to see their Friends, Groups or Media to view additinal photos.

How do I contact another member?
Click on a member’s photo and you will be taken to their Profile page. Underneath their photo, you can select to add them as a friend, send a private or public message. Public message will be available to see on the site. Private message will go directly to the member and will not be seen by anyone else. You can also contact online members through the Chat widget on the right side of your screen and send them a chat message (bottom of the screen on mobile).

Where do I view my new and old messages?
When you receive a new message, you will see an aqua button appear next to Messages on your top menu. You will also see an aqua button next to Notifications on the menu. Click on Messages to view your new and old messages.

How do I send a new message when I’m in my profile?
Select Messages icon (envelope) and click on Compose. Type in members @username ( not nickname) to send them either a private or public message i.e @greent64 (admin’s username)

What is the “Match %” sign on each members profile?
The Match is a percentage this member matches with you based on several criteria. Current matching algorithm includes: Age, Country, City, State, Relationship type seeking, Body type, Interests (small percentage). This might be adjusted when the matching feature is more developed. This should serve as a guideline of overall match based on several elements when searching for members on the list. If you are getting over 50% match with this member that means they either live near you and are similar age or they are similar age and are looking for similar thing (relationship or dating ) etc. If you are getting more than 70% then this person is likely very local to you and of similar age and looking for same type relationship as you. We hope this feature will become more attuned but it is not developed by us. We have requested more specific matching features, we will update you if and when it happens.


How do I join a group?
Click on Groups (on top menu) and you will see a list of all groups on Green Tea and Coffee. You can either scroll to view groups or you can use search form. To join, you can either click Join Group right away on the group you’re interested in, or click on the photo to explore the group and it’s members first. There is additional Join Group button once you are viewing the group.

Can I create a group? How do I do that?
Yes, all members can create a group based on their interests or location. Once you are in the Groups list page, click on Create a Group button below the search form and follow the prompts to create a group. You can add a group photo or background but please keep in mind us (admin) reserve the right to change the image to maintain the website’s integrity and look and feel. This will especially refer to images uploaded that are of low photographic or pixel quality. You can also ask us to create/upload a group photo and background.

Can I invite a member to a group?
Yes, all members can invite other members however you need to be friends with that member first.
To invite a member, first you must be inside of that group’s page. Select Send Invites on the icon menu ( arrow) and select a member or members from the list of your friends that will appear. Click Send Invites.

Can I add photos and videos to a group?
Yes, you can. However, you must be a member of that group to add photos/videos. To add media, go inside the group page, click on Media icon (3d box) and click on Options to add an Album or Upload to upload media directly to the Group’s wall.

How do I leave a group?
The same way you have joined a group, either click on Leave Group button while you are in the Group lists view, or while you are inside of the group – under the group image.


Is all site activity posted on the wall?
Yes, all site activity is visible on the wall except private messages and chats. If you friend a member, join a group, update a photo, upload a photo/video or post a public message in a group or to a site wall, it will be visible on the activity wall. You can however, delete the activity on the wall and it will also remove that activity on your Profile activity tab. It will not delete the activity itself, but only the notification that it happened. Certain activities will give you options to keep them private.

Can I view just the activity for certain groups or my friends?
Yes, you can filter the activity page based on groups, your friends, or when someone mentioned you (Mentions tab) or view the entire site’s activity.

Can I post a comment to a Site Activity Wall?
Yes, you can post a comment using text box at the top of the Activity page. You can also select to post directly in your profile, a group or if you make no selections, the comment will be posted directly to the wall.


How old is this site?
We have started operating in September 2017.

What made you create this site?
We are an AMWF couple (a web designer and a teacher/writer) who met on a similar site few years ago (now defunct). We saw a niche and opportunity to recreate it but better. We are constantly improving and adding new features to the site to make it for a richer and fun experience and create a sense of community and understanding for our members. Thanks for joining us. We love working on this project.

Why aren’t there as many members on this site? OkCupid has zillions of members. I’ll go there instead.
We started this site with 0 members and have never engaged with any bots or fake profiles. All members who joined us are real as far as we know (with occasional spammer which we remove as soon as we are made aware of one) and we never plan to create fake memberships to attract members. As a result, it takes longer to grow the member list. We are not trying to be like and are not like the big guys, and we are a niche community so it’s harder to reach the right people to join. Ok Cupid or are open to everyone, we are open to Asian men and women who love them. When you go to a regular dating site, you don’t know who likes who and half the time, they are not interested in your race or type. Here you know they are. We also have Groups to specify closer interests such as AMBF and AMWF.


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