Flirty 30’s: How to Date When You’re a 30 Something

Guest post by Lee Green

Dating in your 30’s is difficult for some. Your dating goals have probably changed. You might be done with the casual dating scene and looking forward to meeting that special someone to settle down with. Here are three quick tips for dating over 30 years of age!

Put yourself out there.

One thing that becomes more difficult the older you become, is having the courage to let people know you’re ready to date. Though you don’t need a bright, sign flashing: I’M HERE, I’M SINGLE, you still want to seem available without looking desperate. Putting yourself out there means being confident enough to show others who you are, opening up and showing your true self. This doesn’t mean disclosing everything about yourself all at once. Just provide enough information about to keep the one you’re interested in, well…interested.


Don’t be afraid of the age gap.

You might want to explore dating someone a few years younger or older. Your 30’s is a prime time to test the waters to find out what truly want and need in a partner.

Just because you’re over 30, doesn’t mean you have to “settle”.

Settling down is one thing, but settling because you’re afraid of being alone is another thing! So what if some of your friends or siblings are already married with children. Don’t rush into marriage, because it’s a lifelong commitment. Wait for that someone who you see sharing a future with.

About Author:
My name is Lee from Atlanta! I’m 34 years young, happily single, but I am looking. I enjoy writing, bowling, traveling, trying new experiences, and I’m also a fiction writer of drama, coming of age stories, romance, suspense, I like to test the waters in all genres. You can read my books here for free. Also, be sure to find me on Instagram.
*The above post is owned by Lee Green and may not be republished or copied without consent from the writer.
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